Extinct progress differences

I published the first page of my sci fi comic project july the 11th last year, so the comic has just got about 6 months old, but there has been a few changes in the way the characters look on the way. It wasn’t really on purpose, i guess i got more used to drawing them.
The main problem was i didn’t draw then enough before i started out with the comic so they developed as i went instead of being a finished product from the start.
However i think most characters does change a bit over time, since the art often improves, at least in the start.
Its usually why its recommended to start out small and not make huge projects.
To be fair this comic was supposed to be a smaller project, about 3 chapters long, but it escalated into being a at least double the amount of chapters.
I’m not 100% sure how far it will go, since i’ve not scetched up all the pages beforehand (which i am working on) but since the prologue so far is planned about 45 pages i think the others will be around 30 each. So maybe the comic will be about 200 pages.
Gmmw turned out to be 240 and still going (even if its put on break temporarily) so its doable!
In case you wonder what i’m talking about, its my webcomic
Extinct .

Morgan and Blaze’s first apperance.


Recent apperance:


I know I should be happy with the progress but it makes me feel sad to see how much difference it is, i doubt it would change if i had more experience before I started.
I think especially the squid-guy has changed to the better, he looks more like a lobster at the start. Blaze is still similar however I toned down his red highlights a bit since they looked a bit odd. His dreads covers them most of the time (:
The hair-ring things fell out during his regeneration morphis during the prologue, as well as his ‘make up’, which is why he’s not wearing it in the lastest page.


Celia and Lara (grown up) first apperance:


Celia and Lara recent:

(This scetch isnt finished yet though I really liked it).
Or all:


My list of webcomics


At some part of my life I used to have more time to read webcomics, however there’s a few I’ve stuck with for years and that’s still ongoing.
I’m a part of some english webcomic communities which is often artists grouped together where they share their love of making stories and reading others.
There’s difference from the communities but they’re often very helpful both as an artist and as a reader since you get so much to choose from.
Alot of great stories are on these pages, it is so open to just everyone to make comics so it makes the pool of diverse stories even bigger.

  • I got this list of favorites I usually go through every week-

    1. BloodStain by Sigeel
    This comic is so far as I know published on Sigeels DeviantART- A story of a girl trying to find a job, she finds one: At a nutty proffesors house in the middle of nowhere. Shenanigans occur. Love it!
    I think it updates random, but worth checking by! There’s about 3 chapters so far.
    Followed since 2015

    2. Sunstone by Shiniez /NSFW –LGTBQ+
    This story is actually done by Sigeels partner, also found on their DeviantArt
    -Sunstone is a S&M comic about two girls exploring their sexuality (among other things).
    Its written in a way where its not just porn, its a beautiful lovestory and the cute-factor is above average being a gay story about girls.
    Followed since 2015

    3. Tripping over you – By Suzanah and Owen – LGBTQ+
    Follows Liam through out his college years at a british dormschool where he meets the guy of his dreams- his best friend Milo. The story takes up everything from angsty teenage romance to how to deal with coming out to your parents. Cute art, fun characters!
    Followed it since 2012

    4. Simply Sarah – By SkyAngel /LGBTQ+
    Simply Sarah has alot of genre in one story- It follows Sarah through out her life from high school, college, university and so on and you basically live with the character and grow with her. She goes through every thing a normal person could (and some maybe not so normal) but its a very realistic done story and lovely art. There’s alot of tension and as the plot goes it gets more and more suspenseful. I think I’ve followed it since 2007.

    5. Bittersweet Candybowl – By Veronica/Soupy /LGBTQ+
    A dramastory about CATS. Its very dramatic. And there’s loads of cats. Ok I lied there’s dogs too. But there’s drama. I’m not sure how to describe it, but its a rollercoaster of emotions. It lays in the name. Cute art, it changes alot with the years but its fun to see how much an artist grows from start to finish (its not finished but you get my point).
    Followed since 2011.

    6. Whomp! – By Ronnie
    The best thing on the entire internet. Read it I dare you.
    Followed since 2013’ish.

    07. No End – By Erli and Kromi /LGBTQ+
    I found this story a year ago via SmackJeeves, its a beautiful post apocolyptic storyline about a bunch of people trying to survive the days after everyone has turned into zombies and whatnot. The story is suspenseful as hell and the art stays insanely accurate and stable through out the entire comic.

    08. Mindfold – By fallopiancrusader
    A sci fi comic about Darra trying to fight herway through the wastelands of a strange planet with catpeople and creepy animals. Beautiful art and the storyline too!

    More comics to come! 🙂

Some clothing redesign

Because sometimes when you make something you change your mind.
I’ve often used 80’s science fiction for inspiration on the clothing design for my characters, but I found a certain love for western rebellian-like clothing which I thought fit the theme more.
Seeing as the main characters are working for a shady cooperation disguised as a bunch of scientists, with some roots in the black market business selling artifacts they scavenge during ‘business trips’.
Besides the flowy clothing, scarves among other things indicate a more modern future, they’re also more practical when going on expedition to a planet mostly based of sun, sand and more sun…..
Luckily for me I’ve not gotten to the actual part where the mainstory starts so I bought myself some time with making a prologue explaining the orgin of Lara beforehand.
You can read it here.




Quest: Do traditional-hand drawn comicpage.

So I started doing a comic page for Extinct even if i’m not supposed to.
BUT for the first time ever I actually did a page where I did NOT do the lineart nor the scetch digitally.
I did however do some changes and retouch after the scan, but else than that its drawn by hand with a very dry pen and pencil (Ï’m getting new pens when i get money).
I’ve become so inspired by doing handdrawn things i might just continue doing it.
There’s some issues with my scanner being pretty bad as well but i got another one waiting!
One of the main reasons I don’t like doing traditional comic pages is because i’m horrible at smudging and i have a horrible habbit of picking too soft pencils.
I changed the pencil in the middle of the drawing from a B. Yes i’m that bad at pencils…


First: scetching.
Started using blue pencil to test out how it worked to remove them in photoshop. Didn’t work that well. Probably need to buy a special pen.























And I started inking, did already about 3 mistakes and had to use my white corrector pen which Is supposed to be used for highlighting.

Oh god. The pencil marks.
First scan.




Second scan:

Had to scan again because the pencil marks didnt go away. Managed to TEAR THE PAGE IN THE RIGHT CORNERRIGHT AFTER. I ereased the teared part.

Then coloring in glorious SAI.
I don’t like to use photoshop,




Then colors finished. YAY.
5/10 would do again.
Backgrounds are so much easier to do when you’re not doing it digital for some reason.


Only issue was panel 3 where the drawing sort of stops. NO ONE NOTICES.

Oh shit i just said it loud.

You recived items:

20 f’ing coffees and a GOAT.




Since I’m sort of having a gap month where I am forcing myself to not do any comics, I need to draw something so why not practice some anatomy and poses?
I recently started taking up pencil scetching again after alot of digital work, and honestly its not so bad as I thought it would be.
I just hate smudging so bad! The quality is sort of bad since I took this with my phone, I got a scanner for next time.


Practicing mid air shooting.
I sort of liked the middle scetch of Celia the most.


^This sort of ended up unintensionally into a little comic because of Celia falling on her face right under Lara trying to do a Tarzan.


The image of Blaze was just supposed to be practice on drawing holding a bow, but it escalated into this


Lgbt webcomics


Comics is a very powerful tool to use to inform youth, or anyone really, about certain things.
When I was younger I was a member of a club which was actually a feminine hygiene club (for girls who recently hit puberty) which featured a comic strip every month.
Naturally this caught my attention. It didn’t inform you about how lesbians work, but it did show some stereotype gag-strip humour about how women was on their periods (!)
There’s a great increase in LGBT themed comics out today than it was a decade ago, and that’s a good thing.
The LGBT community can never get enough attention, as it is still a on-going fight for equal rights in many places of our world.
One of the first most controvenial come-outs within gay characters in comics was back in 1993 in the comic For better or for Worse, by Lynn Johnston, where the readers didn’t take it so well. We’ve done such a great progress!


Webcomics is also a new concept, and LGBT webcomics, which is what I want to focus on.

So here’s the big 3 comics which opened the gates to my LGBT comic world:

My first comic was Khaos Komix by Tab Kimpton. The story features 8 teenagers going through their early life towards becoming adults, where as there’s a mix between gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans characters.
I think trans was especially what I taught most about, since I was so unfamiliar with transMEN back in the days.
Tab has alot of other LGBT themed comics, like Shades of A which is taking A-sexuality, androgynious characters and crossdressing to new levels. I am especially thankful for that last comic as asexuals sort of drown out in our society and isn’t often very popular to write about (yet).

My second comic was YUME+Dream by rosalarian, a story of a young girl going to a all girl catholic school and finding the girl of her dreams.
It does also contain a various number of gay characters, and it as it is also a very early comic (one of the first I recall finding when trying to find gay comics) and a very fameous comic too. Rosalarian has later made several other comics which is mostly made with mature readers in mind. I will always remember it as my first portal into the world of gayness, though, so YUME stays special to me.

My third comic was Simply Sarah written by SkyAngel, which was also how I found the Duck webcomic community. The story starts off with a young girl and follows her through the stages of life of becoming an adult, finding true love, dealing with being in love, and what fascinates me the most is how the comic touches all types of genre: detective/mystery, some horror/thriller themes, romance, sexuality, drama… I think it got possibly every genre but it is very tastefully put together. It features a handful of lesbian characters and a transgender lesbian girl. This comic is still ongoing!

There’s obviously ALOT of new lgbt comics out there!
The early comics was often focused on coming out, and often the entire story was about how they coped with being gay. There’s a comic called Blue is the warmest color taking place in the early 1990s about two young lesbians meeting each other where as one of them has not come out yet, which is the perfect example of one of these stories, and especially since it is in a time before people got used to the idea.
What is interesting is the new trend of making lgbt characters in stories, but where the main focus is not on their  gender or sexuality. It also normalize it more, and to make the characters be a part of our every day society more than being the plotline of a story.
Not that it is wrong to write a coming out story, but the readers change with time and luckily we’ve evolved alot since the 90’s.