Oh dear god why

I am currently working on a few projects keeping me busy, in case you’re wondering:

Mini comic series: Piff and Gilly
These two are robbers sent to the future by accident by an angry genie.
The comic is set up as a intro-comic to something that looks like a series, wether it will be a ongoing thing or not im not sure of, however i love to draw it both because of the simplified style and the characters are fun to draw.
Theyre set in the same universe as my other comic, Extinct, having yurks and terrakins approaching them as well as Leodin from Septiocon (which isnt introduced in the main comic yet!). This is ALSO a colabration I am doing with my boyfriend for a tiny magazine.

page0212042017 (2)S

Assignment: WIP (Im redrawing this)18136138_10155176000125979_503448807_n
For a school entry assignment. This might just look odd now but this is just a draft.
Theres quite a few more too.

Comic: Extinct 


Extinct is still ongoing, i am reaching the end of the first chapter!
And finally the mainstory arc can start…. yeah the “introduction” has last me a year now, its been put on tiny breaks quite a few times due alot of real life stress. However i look forward to concentrate on it during the summer again (:

Comic: Good morning, miss Winter.
Is not dead, however i am to make less work for myself going for a black/white comic,
where i concentrate on backgrounds and details. Its slow to update but its probably going to speed up when i have more time in general for it.

Extinct progress differences

I published the first page of my sci fi comic project july the 11th last year, so the comic has just got about 6 months old, but there has been a few changes in the way the characters look on the way. It wasn’t really on purpose, i guess i got more used to drawing them.
The main problem was i didn’t draw then enough before i started out with the comic so they developed as i went instead of being a finished product from the start.
However i think most characters does change a bit over time, since the art often improves, at least in the start.
Its usually why its recommended to start out small and not make huge projects.
To be fair this comic was supposed to be a smaller project, about 3 chapters long, but it escalated into being a at least double the amount of chapters.
I’m not 100% sure how far it will go, since i’ve not scetched up all the pages beforehand (which i am working on) but since the prologue so far is planned about 45 pages i think the others will be around 30 each. So maybe the comic will be about 200 pages.
Gmmw turned out to be 240 and still going (even if its put on break temporarily) so its doable!
In case you wonder what i’m talking about, its my webcomic
Extinct .

Morgan and Blaze’s first apperance.


Recent apperance:


I know I should be happy with the progress but it makes me feel sad to see how much difference it is, i doubt it would change if i had more experience before I started.
I think especially the squid-guy has changed to the better, he looks more like a lobster at the start. Blaze is still similar however I toned down his red highlights a bit since they looked a bit odd. His dreads covers them most of the time (:
The hair-ring things fell out during his regeneration morphis during the prologue, as well as his ‘make up’, which is why he’s not wearing it in the lastest page.


Celia and Lara (grown up) first apperance:


Celia and Lara recent:

(This scetch isnt finished yet though I really liked it).
Or all:


Biased advices, the lesson of 2016

As a little summary:2016 has been the year where so many people around me has lost their close friends, family or the year where so many great historic people has died.
I remember talking to my mother after Alan Rickman passed how horrible it was, and discussing the events of death of David Bowie.
Then a few weeks later my mother dies (around 3am, 5th october), and then 2 months later we lose Carrie Fisher.
I know of family who’s been out and in of hospitals and one of my best friends lost his beloved dog a month ago who’s been with them for years.
I think year 2016 has been the most influenced year of them all (at least speaking from my own point of view). Its been the year of change.

The biggest lesson ever was the lesson to take in criticism and to be the one responsible for picking out which advices are biased and which arent.
– You choose which opinions that matters and which doesn’t, and the same goes for ‘useful advices’ from people.
People can spend years just doing what other people tells them to do and whats smart, which is a good way of avoiding to make mistakes. However you learn nadda by living after other peoples words.
I think choosing between which advices to take in and which is not going to make you grow is the hardest part in life.
Sometimes we need to look into ourselves and realise our mistakes, sometimes we NEED people to point out things.
But there’s also the times where people can point out things which remains biased.
Only you know how you work, you know when you need a break and you know your limits.
Being afraid of what others might think of you gets you nowhere.
Be open for self improvement, but remember there’s so many opinions out there and you’re OK to disagree with them too.
Your self value is not measured in other peoples views of things.
But be smart, and know when the opinions matters and when they dont!



I‘ve ment to do this post for a while so here it is:

So we all got different things that inspires us.
Inspiration is such a powerful tool we use to create, and we all get it from something.
It could be a pretty picture, a quote, movie, even a person could be inspiring.
Today Ill start by writing a bit about things that inspires me.
In my case since I was a little kid my main inspiration for everything I created was music.


I am far from a musical genious.
I don’t play any instruments and nor do I have a super pretty singing voice, but music has some sort of affect on me that nothing else has.
Alot of people are affected this way, and for creating art is a very helpful tool to set the mood of something.
As far as I’m concerned music is possibly one of the most magnificent phenomenas in our world. Unlike art, music isnt setting a example of things. Art is visual and very direct in how it brings out its messages, though there is still certain art styles that makes you think and imagine the message yourself.
With music it can also be direct, but often the music can be visual.
Whenever I listen to music that inspires me, I get to a point where the music actually creates a very visual world and things that happens are often connected to the mood and settings the song has. For this I use all sorts of music, I love melodic electronica as well as classical pieces and old pop.
I always wanted to do a comic where music is one of the main influence of the story or art, and since Extinct was already a very strange concept based on a strange dream I decided to make it into a concept based on ideas I get as I move along.
I make playlists for everything I do, both for personal use and also for comics and arcs I am doing. If I am doing a romantic scene I put on a song which reflects what happens in the scene, or maybe which I can relate to what is going on.
My musical taste has not that much to do with it, when finding music for Extinct I just put together alot of different genres and songs which fit the settings, it was sort of a cool way to discover new music and not listen to the ‘song’ but the mood it can bring.
I discovered alot of indie music, as well as visually I use Electric Light Orchestra as a source for ideas because of the sleazy 80’s science fiction influenced albums and sound they got on alot of their songs.
Especially the album Time has a already storyline about a man being abducted by a strange creature which takes him into the future (2oth century!) where as all he wants to do is go back to his girlfriend. Very similiar with Laras situation just that she can’t really go back! As for the rest of the music they will all play a part through out the comic as Lara has a device with her which plays songs from our time period, which puts in some of our modern reality into the future reality of the comics settings!
As a unrelated note, music is also perfect when studying! I do better when I listen to movie soundtracks with no vocal than I do in silence.


Inspirational movies for me is often the animated ones. I got a certain love for drawing and art and despite loving real-life set movies as well there’s something that appeals more to me with cartoons.
Despite this I do love genres which plays on the fantasy/science fiction aspect, like the Alien series which is one of the most science fiction movies I can think about.
Some of my favorite animation movies comes from Studio Ghibli, which im sure alot of other people can agree with!
The movies is so perfectly obscure and visually breathtaking and the stories are always a bit odd, which is what makes them so perfect. The blend with reality and fantasy is so tastefully put together and the art is out of this world.
As much as I absolutely adore Howl’s moving castle as well as Spirited away, my absolute favorite movie of all the things they’ve created is a movie which was considered the start of Studio Ghibli: Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.
It was made in the early 80’s as a post apocolyptic science fiction and while it doesn’t have the modern animation and the sounds are cheesy 80’s anime effects, it has some of the most interesting material i’ve seen in any of their other movies.
I absolutely love everything about it, there is so many awesome looking creatures, the scenery is like taken out of a dream and its just plain awesome!
I think the settings is actually more interesting than the storyline itself! It also features awesome looking alien bugs and giants in the dessert. I will admit Extinct is super influenced by it, but I try my best not to let it take over!
Princess Monoke is a movie i’m yet to see, but visually it looks amazing too!


I will say that there is also some things from games that’s inspirational, especially in science fiction. Overwatch is new and I’ve not tried it but it has some pretty cool concept art, as well as I will say Borderlands has some influence on me.
And not to mention World of Warcraft.
I’m not a big gamer and I rather sit around watch people play than play myself.
Borderlands has a interesting setting and I love the art style which is sort of an animated mix which can at times look a bit like a comic!


I know a few who get inspirational dreams.
Not everyone is capeable of remembering their dreams, i consider myself lucky to have a pretty good memory of them (while everything else just vanish in the matter of seconds. Unfair.).
Whenever I have a strange dream I write down the idea, because you never know when you might need it! Especially is this a cool thing for art. Seeing how one of my comics was based on a dream it is possible to create things with it.
I recently had a dream about some strange spectral shadowlike creatures which was caught walking among some ancient ruins. The fun part was that whenever you walked into it you got transported into another time.
Things like this is very cool ideas to use for later when creating stories which is supposed to be a bit obscure. I also wrote a story of a girl who entered a castle which literally ate people by sucking them into vents and through doors. Maybe Rose Red inspired me for that, I don’t know. I’m yet to find a place to put that in a comic, though!
Of course not everything is a good idea. I remember being chased by a giant goat cheese with legs when I was around 8. Depends of what you’re writing about I guess!


A tip I got from watching a video once about concept art was to look through books. There is alot of great stuff you can find in books which is not put up on the internet!
This might fade a bit more into referance than inspiration, but one of his tips was to keep track of what’s a referance and what’s inspiration.
The library has so many interesting books you can use, if you’re creating a world for a comic, for art, or even writing,  you can use informative childrens books about things like the middle age or whatever you decide to have as a setting.
It shows in details what sort of weapons they used, what they wore, and the background details you can develope further into your story or use as a base.
I borrowed tons of books from the library when I started out doing a sci fi because I wanted to learn more about the universe, about space ships… Even weapons!
I also watched discovery channel while drawing as well as got alot of books on animals.
Its a highly underrated treasurechest. Going to markets where they sell old used books is also a great idea to create a exciting ref/inspo library!

As a last thing to add: Locations can inspire!
I work the best on the bus, ironically. Maybe because of the music i listen to!
What’s your main inspiration, and location? Do share!

Minor changes to dialogue in Extinct

Since Extinct started a bit shaky, like all first pages of my comics (…) I put down some time to re-do parts of it, that means the speechbubbles.
I made them round and moved them around a bit.
Some dialogue has been changed to fit better, nothing major.
Blaze is the only one who might have a more sassy tone since it works with the rest of the pages of him. The first ones he was a bit too serious.
Ill do the other ones too when I get the time for it and update them all.
The updates will be put up when I’ve finished doing all the pages…..
Here’s a preview:

I’ve thought of re-drawing the first page with Celia and Lara in the tree, because i wasnt so happy with it. Maybe stretch it over two pages. Too much text at one place.
I keep learning as I go and want this comic to be less of a cluster than GMMW was.
The next pages I think will be more stable, I am sticking to rectangle-formats from now on.

A loveletter to a world of creative beings


Since its the first post I may as well jump right into it.
Most people has some sort of reason doing whatever they’re doing, either its just the curiousity of it, to piss your parents off, to impress your friends or because you really really like it.
I know a few musicians who’s struggling to get their recognizion, most of them manage to get through with gigs and whatnot and some has gotten as far as giving out their first cd.
They all got this one goal: To break through and be able to do this for a living.
Meeting the ends isnt easy when you’re the type of person who’s really good at this one thing, but since you don’t fit the box that society gave you for various reasons.
My weakest link was math, but mostly concentration.
Sitting through a period of class was terrible, and I remember just wanting out.
At first this showed some signs of what I thought back then was an angst attack, because I felt like I was about to throw up and I felt all of a sudden very hot and uneasy.
It showed up later I was actually suffering ADHD/ADD, which lead me to realise I will probably always have these issues. Despite medication its always something you have to keep in the back of your head, and I felt this limited me to get anywhere in life.
I spent alot of time trying to figure out how to be able to get through college, but this was LONG prior the diagnose, and the doctors thought it was depression which caused my lack of concentration.
And it took me years to finish college, and I’m still trying to finish it today.
But its the end of an era and my point of this entire post is actually this:

The one and only thing I’ve managed to do, dedicate to, concentrate on my entire life has led up to this moment:
Making comics has been an interest of mine, as well as reading them.
Its been that one thing that grabs my attention, and next to it during my childhood acting and writing was also a major part of it.
Since I never got into acting school, comics was the second choice since animation demanded good grades and at the time i didn’t have my college finished.
It contains the pictures, the text, the motion and the story of whatever you want to tell.
This has been the one thing I identified with as I grew up, back then it might be the cause of being that weird kid in class which often got frozen out, but later it became my strenght.
I’m not saying I’m a proffesional at all, I’m still learning as I go, but it was the one super power I had.
I’m sure also alot of people share that superpower, it may be anything:
Music, reading, writing, drawing, acting… Its the side of the society which has been frowned upon the past years since we’re in need of skills in other subjects and to fill out.
We need doctors, programmers, nurses, laywers, social workers… Teachers!
As for the one kid who might feel the strenght in the least wanted skill of society, how do one cope? It must be your hobby.
But does that make it any less meaningful? No, but its decouraged to follow your dreams because you might end up with no job.

The musicians I know who’s struggling to make ends meet, work with different things on the side to keep up.  But they’re also frowned upon for working retail.
This isn’t really an issue people are unfamiliar with, but there is some people out there who got the potential of doing just anything but still focus on doing what they love, and there’s those who feel like doing that is maybe their only way of getting anywhere.
The line between doing what you want and what you can is very bleak, therefore my point is… It demands a certain dedication.
If you are dedicated to your super power, then you will succeed. Even if this means you might not be able to make a living out of it, every product you produce is a victory because you are doing what you enjoy to do.
Some might despise what you create, some love it, some doesn’t care. But in the end its all up to you where you want the road to lead.
In a society so caught up in success and money, try to think about it, even if you’re not rich, you’re still sort of living a rich life by being able to perform doing a thing you enjoy and that thing that makes your heart beat.
We all got some things that makes us feel happy.
Despite the dark times they can never take that away from you.
And despite having to work 2 jobs, possibly, maybe, you still got that 50% job where you do what you love to do.
So in the end, if your heart lies in the creative aspect, then don’t give up because despite what people will tell you, despite how good you are or how bad you feel you are.
If you’re happy, continue doing it.