*New* Extinct at Tapastic!

I’ve spent some time now in the background redrawing the first 8 pages(technically 6) of the comic Extinct.
I often end up changing the start, I did with my previous comic but it didn’t really help much as I changed ”too much” of it and the entire comic became very off.
There’s still some problems with consistency among some of the characters because when I started doing this comic I didn’t plan out their design too great.
I have problems remembering details, maybe due my concentration problems in general, so it is challeging and I see small things change from page to page.
I’ve however shaped up alot, I think, i’ve not gotten to fix these tiny mistakes yet but its not a huge priority for me right now.

I also added the comic to Tapastic, i wanted to try the platform out since i’ve heard alot of good things about it.
So far so good, the biggest advantage is the fact you can scroll through the comic and it is more pleasing to the eye than having to switch pages.
*Ill update 5 and 5 pages a week until the story is caught up.