Galleri Vekta/Photos

Bilder fra mai-stillingen på galleri Vekta, i samarbeid med Vibeke Ihlen Selnes.Her stilte vi ut alt fra illustrasjoner til tegneserier. |||Photos from the comic and illustration- exhibition I had together with Vibeke Ihlen Selnes at gallery Vekta.

Gallery and convention-hype

I’m currently working on a bunch of projects this spring, me and my friend @bekeblob are going to have a weekend in May a gallery thing showing off our works in a tiny winy house called Vekta in Oslo. It is part of Einar Granum Kunstfagskole (the artschool I attend to) and we’re going to…

Art, coloring projects and christmas break!

A school post:  Past weeks we’ve been working on coloring themes, meaning albers color practice, values, digital art and more stuff. Its been pretty fun and I’m super inspired to do animations after learning how to do it in clip art studio! The last friday before christmas break we had an exhibition of all the…

Art-school updates!

Hello I started going to Art school this authumn and so far we’ve finished first semester which was mostly drawing courses. We’ve moved on to color-theory and will continue up until december. If you’re curious of what i’ve been up to you can see stuff i’ve made up on my instagram!


I‘ve ment to do this post for a while so here it is: So we all got different things that inspires us. Inspiration is such a powerful tool we use to create, and we all get it from something. It could be a pretty picture, a quote, movie, even a person could be inspiring. Today Ill…