Latte bohemia/Lattebohemen

This year I attended a bunch of comic contests as a possibility to be published, one for graphic novels (which I lost) and
the second contest was a strip contest.
I applied with a comic based of my old stories, which were refered to as ‘Good morning, Miss Winter’.
I wanted this to be a series or a bunch of stories set in the same universe but based on different characters.
The comic started out back in 2008, but I didnt start to publish it online before 2013.
Boy, how things has changed since then! I’ve switched completely from doing fullpage-comics to comic-strips, at least for this one project ‘Latte Bohemia’…
Its set in Oslo in a made-up street called “Myrtle-road”, set in Majorstua, Oslo.
Majorstua is known for its limitless streets with shopping possibilities.
The thing with Myrtleroad is there’s not really much going on there. We got a bunch of boring run-down shops, but it also contains a slightly more successfull bakery called ‘Ahiti’.
Ahiti’s main contest is the junkfood-diner across the street, ‘Ghetto Baguette’ which is ran by a shaggy Icelandic dude who just happened to run over some money to buy himself a job.
Ahiti’s manager, Haven Winter, is proud of her cafe and wants to move up to be the hippest cafe in Majorstua, but at the same time she feels like the diner next door is closing up in popularity for some reason, can it be she has some sort of competition now with these fools?

I don’t have any official webpage for the comic yet, but you can read it temporarily here on smackjeeves-

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