Art, coloring projects and christmas break!


A school post:
  Past weeks we’ve been working on coloring themes, meaning albers color practice, values, digital art and more stuff. Its been pretty fun and I’m super inspired to do animations after learning how to do it in clip art studio!
The last friday before christmas break we had an exhibition of all the student works we did the past week. Mine was a A2-Sized illustration done in aquarelle/watercolor from my comic project Extinct. I wanted it to be a bit fairytale-Theodor Kittelsen inspired with the use of bright complimentary colors.  (I added two sample pages underneath so people would see where the characters originated from and did a tiny presentation of the comic around the illustration).

Most people did wonderful paintings and I seem to be a bit too fond of making art around stories, luckily im not the only one. But so far totally learned that illustration is more my thing, even if random painting can be fun too!

More detailed view of the process:

Digital color testing:

Details of the finished painting:


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