Art-school updates!

Hello, I’ve not been able to update this blog for like ages, or more like I have almost done it a few times but ended up not actually publishing my posts because of…Reasons (I always seem to off-track most posts when I write them!).

I started going to Art school this authumn and so far we’ve finished first semester which was mostly drawing courses. We’ve moved on to color-theory and will continue up until december.
During this time i’ve over-done it a bit when it came to drawing and I am currently in a post-depression phase after alot of stress to a point where i cant get myself to draw much comics.
Doesn’t mean I wont do it, i just seem to be too tired for it so i’ve unofficially taken a few weeks off. (Well now its official, sort of).
Hopefully I’ll get some more work done this weekend.

If you’re curious of what i’ve been up to you can see stuff i’ve made up on
my instagram!


2 thoughts on “Art-school updates!

  1. Omg, I love your stuff. I don’t even have an Instagram account (or maybe I do and can’t remember the password, I suffer from some a.d.d. as well) but I want to sign up just to see your art. Do be sure and post some of it on this blog so those of us who are less tech-savvy can enjoy it!

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    • Oh wow, thank you, I will! This blog was made as a connection in mind between my comics and everything else. I do webcomics on a hobby basis (semi hobby since its almost as much work as a job) and i wanted to have a blog where i put up concepts and progress for it instead of ending up spamming every artist-comic section. I enjoy writing but there’s only so much someone feels like reading haha.
      I’ll put up some art as time go, i produce much through school so ill make sure it is put up updates here.

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