When hell freezes over…!


So during the past months Its been a living hell, however, it all sort of evened out at the end. I’ve recently found out I got high functional asperger syndrome, which was not really expected even if I see now it makes alot of sense.
So dealing with ADD, which I found out about a year ago, wasnt enough. But having ASD is a pretty different thing to deal with as it is a part of you as a person, not something you can so easily treat.

So finding out you’ve walked around your entire life thinking people were thinking like you was wrong, is a pretty big deal, and ill admit its made me feel a bit bummed out.
But on the bright side it means my comic obsession is totally redeemed now!

I’ve also done some cool stuff, like going to a comic workshop, where the author of Lilla Berlin were present and the course holder.
I’ve published my first comic, sort of, in bobla, a norwegian member magazine for comic-writers and enthusiasts.
As seen here, you can read the ACTUAL comic online too, its found here. (warning, its pretty weird.).

I got into an art school, which ill start this authumn, meaning LEARNING MORE STUFF!
I’m spending the summer practicing my drawing as well as trying to catch up on some math, and despite the slow progress there’s still SOME progress.
But despite this i’ve had probably the worst start of the year in my life, I’ve honestly never had such a horrible case of depression and angst going on, i spent months being suicidal and to a point where I’ve never been as fucked as I was.
But its also a good year so far when it comes to basically everything else, so i’m sort of torn. But I think despite the bittersweetness of knowing of my ASD, and the thought that i’ve been mistreated for basically everything else for so long, I think now its easier to deal with things in a way that works out in the long term.


One thought on “When hell freezes over…!

  1. You are more than your diagnosis, Cathlinn. You are brilliantly creative. Always remember that the diagnosis is just one aspect if your whole self, and if you focus on your gifts and strengths while finding others to help with the difficult stuff, you will truly shine. Write on, I enjoy your work.

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