Oslo has so much weird stuff

There is a curse in our capital city, Oslo, where as if you come to Norway and don’t bring along a sacrificial gift to the norwegians, preferably tacos, you’ll be stoned (literally).
There’s a odd place called Vigelandsparken/Frogner park featuring tons of stone-humans doing strange things to their kids.


This is one of the big on the sightseeing list. I’ve only been there once (a year ago) and also that’s when I took these photos.
I spent alot of time taking shots for ideas, but ended up too facinated of the stone-dicks everywhere that I lost track of what I was doing(!) Anyway, let’s just take a look at these statues…
I didn’t enter the entire place, I walked around, you start walking down a brigde of figurines. I can imagine this is a pretty cool place to get married, if you don’t mind naked people into the wedding.
The top photo is the weirdest of everything you find in this park. It is a pile of NAKED HUMANS!
Like it wasn’t odd enough seeing the statues of people throwing their kids over their head, this is the cherry of the creamcake.

Then there’s the most fameous statue of this park: Sinnataggen.
20150406_195505Its definately worth seeing, and i’m sure it looks alot more cool when its not during february or whenever these pictures were taken.

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