Workblog 01: November 16

So during the next couple of months I will do a work blog once a month where I write a bit about the progression of my current comic project, this is both to be helpful as this is a learning progress and it is also a way for me to see what might get better/what might need to adjust til next time. And maybe fun for people who’s interested in seeing how it progress too? 🙂
I decided to keep the entire planning of the comic on this blog, of course I will not spoil major story-plot in the story but it will be a insight into the developement of the story, as a bit of a story itself! I will be better at scanning in progression drawings and concept art as well for next time!

Workblog 24th 11 2016:

I decided to continue focusing on Extinct til first chapter is finished (prologue) and i am still considering the prologue chapter a bit of a test of how to do the rest of the story.
Art-wise I am definately going to do some major changes, not with the style but the way I draw backgrounds and work with foreshading. The backgrounds draw too much attention and the colors could sometimes need a bit of a tone-down.
Making a prologue chapter is a good way to settle down what works and what doesn’t, and it doesn’t nessecarily have to be 100% connected with the rest of the comic, though i’d prefer it to be.

I’m going to stay on doing chapter 01 traditionally like I did with 3 pages already

the reason the past pages has not been drawn that way is because i’ve yet to put my scanner up but working on it haha.
And drawing digitally has worked alot better after i updated my computer and now can run things more smoothly. I didn’t realise how much lag I had while drawing earlier, i’m amazed i managed to produce any comic pages on that old thing at all!

Current issues:
I notice alot of things while i am doing comics, like I do when I’ve been studying or working- there’s certain information that goes way above my head and I keep repeating the same mistakes-
Even if there’s just missing out tiny details, the angles of a perspective backgrounds are being off, or some sort of strange detail i didn’t notice i had wrong.
It might be my ADD kicking in, but i’m not completely sure, all I know it makes me super obsessed into perfectioning things that might not be worth it and instead of learning i just spend alot of energy obsessing over it.

Possible solutions:
Instead of putting too much details into backgrounds now I try to make them smarter- while I absolutely love doing detailed things i need to stop over-doing it because i cant seem to remember them correctly. A window can change form after 3 pages. This is probably a very normal issue though with most people.
As much as I try to design every room and place in comics before drawing them there’s always that tiny difference that ticks me off!

So far I’ve found out –:
I’m not big on industrial backgrounds and prefer to work on scenery featuring forests or other landscapes so obviously when the comics get out into the wild it will be in my right element and not onboard a space ship.
However, this is such a great way to learn how to draw things outside my comfortzone.
I feel like despite not always hitting the right expressions i had in mind or body language i wanted, that it is so much easier to draw people now than it used to be. I used to need reference pictures for about everything and now I rarely use it at all unless its purely for inspirational purposes.

Improvement goals up til next time: Better perspective on backgrounds industrial designs, tone down colors, easier layoutting and better flow in text-boxes/bubbles.

Developement still in progress: Design some more robots, Blazekks workshop and interior of certain places of Septiocon.

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