Minor changes to dialogue in Extinct

Since Extinct started a bit shaky, like all first pages of my comics (…) I put down some time to re-do parts of it, that means the speechbubbles.
I made them round and moved them around a bit.
Some dialogue has been changed to fit better, nothing major.
Blaze is the only one who might have a more sassy tone since it works with the rest of the pages of him. The first ones he was a bit too serious.
Ill do the other ones too when I get the time for it and update them all.
The updates will be put up when I’ve finished doing all the pages…..
Here’s a preview:

I’ve thought of re-drawing the first page with Celia and Lara in the tree, because i wasnt so happy with it. Maybe stretch it over two pages. Too much text at one place.
I keep learning as I go and want this comic to be less of a cluster than GMMW was.
The next pages I think will be more stable, I am sticking to rectangle-formats from now on.

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