A loveletter to a world of creative beings


Since its the first post I may as well jump right into it.
Most people has some sort of reason doing whatever they’re doing, either its just the curiousity of it, to piss your parents off, to impress your friends or because you really really like it.
I know a few musicians who’s struggling to get their recognizion, most of them manage to get through with gigs and whatnot and some has gotten as far as giving out their first cd.
They all got this one goal: To break through and be able to do this for a living.
Meeting the ends isnt easy when you’re the type of person who’s really good at this one thing, but since you don’t fit the box that society gave you for various reasons.
My weakest link was math, but mostly concentration.
Sitting through a period of class was terrible, and I remember just wanting out.
At first this showed some signs of what I thought back then was an angst attack, because I felt like I was about to throw up and I felt all of a sudden very hot and uneasy.
It showed up later I was actually suffering ADHD/ADD, which lead me to realise I will probably always have these issues. Despite medication its always something you have to keep in the back of your head, and I felt this limited me to get anywhere in life.
I spent alot of time trying to figure out how to be able to get through college, but this was LONG prior the diagnose, and the doctors thought it was depression which caused my lack of concentration.
And it took me years to finish college, and I’m still trying to finish it today.
But its the end of an era and my point of this entire post is actually this:

The one and only thing I’ve managed to do, dedicate to, concentrate on my entire life has led up to this moment:
Making comics has been an interest of mine, as well as reading them.
Its been that one thing that grabs my attention, and next to it during my childhood acting and writing was also a major part of it.
Since I never got into acting school, comics was the second choice since animation demanded good grades and at the time i didn’t have my college finished.
It contains the pictures, the text, the motion and the story of whatever you want to tell.
This has been the one thing I identified with as I grew up, back then it might be the cause of being that weird kid in class which often got frozen out, but later it became my strenght.
I’m not saying I’m a proffesional at all, I’m still learning as I go, but it was the one super power I had.
I’m sure also alot of people share that superpower, it may be anything:
Music, reading, writing, drawing, acting… Its the side of the society which has been frowned upon the past years since we’re in need of skills in other subjects and to fill out.
We need doctors, programmers, nurses, laywers, social workers… Teachers!
As for the one kid who might feel the strenght in the least wanted skill of society, how do one cope? It must be your hobby.
But does that make it any less meaningful? No, but its decouraged to follow your dreams because you might end up with no job.

The musicians I know who’s struggling to make ends meet, work with different things on the side to keep up.  But they’re also frowned upon for working retail.
This isn’t really an issue people are unfamiliar with, but there is some people out there who got the potential of doing just anything but still focus on doing what they love, and there’s those who feel like doing that is maybe their only way of getting anywhere.
The line between doing what you want and what you can is very bleak, therefore my point is… It demands a certain dedication.
If you are dedicated to your super power, then you will succeed. Even if this means you might not be able to make a living out of it, every product you produce is a victory because you are doing what you enjoy to do.
Some might despise what you create, some love it, some doesn’t care. But in the end its all up to you where you want the road to lead.
In a society so caught up in success and money, try to think about it, even if you’re not rich, you’re still sort of living a rich life by being able to perform doing a thing you enjoy and that thing that makes your heart beat.
We all got some things that makes us feel happy.
Despite the dark times they can never take that away from you.
And despite having to work 2 jobs, possibly, maybe, you still got that 50% job where you do what you love to do.
So in the end, if your heart lies in the creative aspect, then don’t give up because despite what people will tell you, despite how good you are or how bad you feel you are.
If you’re happy, continue doing it.

2 thoughts on “A loveletter to a world of creative beings

  1. Thank you for this, Linn. This letter is inspirational, motivational, and dreamy. It has helped me realize that the tiny flame must be tended to. The passion may not be there like before, but it can be revived.


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