Oslo has so much weird stuff

There is a curse in our capital city, Oslo, where as if you come to Norway and don’t bring along a sacrificial gift to the norwegians, preferably tacos, you’ll be stoned (literally).
There’s a odd place called Vigelandsparken/Frogner park featuring tons of stone-humans doing strange things to their kids.


This is one of the big on the sightseeing list. I’ve only been there once (a year ago) and also that’s when I took these photos.
I spent alot of time taking shots for ideas, but ended up too facinated of the stone-dicks everywhere that I lost track of what I was doing(!) Anyway, let’s just take a look at these statues…
I didn’t enter the entire place, I walked around, you start walking down a brigde of figurines. I can imagine this is a pretty cool place to get married, if you don’t mind naked people into the wedding.
The top photo is the weirdest of everything you find in this park. It is a pile of NAKED HUMANS!
Like it wasn’t odd enough seeing the statues of people throwing their kids over their head, this is the cherry of the creamcake.

Then there’s the most fameous statue of this park: Sinnataggen.
20150406_195505Its definately worth seeing, and i’m sure it looks alot more cool when its not during february or whenever these pictures were taken.

Some clothing redesign

Because sometimes when you make something you change your mind.
I’ve often used 80’s science fiction for inspiration on the clothing design for my characters, but I found a certain love for western rebellian-like clothing which I thought fit the theme more.
Seeing as the main characters are working for a shady cooperation disguised as a bunch of scientists, with some roots in the black market business selling artifacts they scavenge during ‘business trips’.
Besides the flowy clothing, scarves among other things indicate a more modern future, they’re also more practical when going on expedition to a planet mostly based of sun, sand and more sun…..
Luckily for me I’ve not gotten to the actual part where the mainstory starts so I bought myself some time with making a prologue explaining the orgin of Lara beforehand.
You can read it here.




Workblog 01: November 16

So during the next couple of months I will do a work blog once a month where I write a bit about the progression of my current comic project, this is both to be helpful as this is a learning progress and it is also a way for me to see what might get better/what might need to adjust til next time. And maybe fun for people who’s interested in seeing how it progress too? 🙂
I decided to keep the entire planning of the comic on this blog, of course I will not spoil major story-plot in the story but it will be a insight into the developement of the story, as a bit of a story itself! I will be better at scanning in progression drawings and concept art as well for next time!

Workblog 24th 11 2016:

I decided to continue focusing on Extinct til first chapter is finished (prologue) and i am still considering the prologue chapter a bit of a test of how to do the rest of the story.
Art-wise I am definately going to do some major changes, not with the style but the way I draw backgrounds and work with foreshading. The backgrounds draw too much attention and the colors could sometimes need a bit of a tone-down.
Making a prologue chapter is a good way to settle down what works and what doesn’t, and it doesn’t nessecarily have to be 100% connected with the rest of the comic, though i’d prefer it to be.

I’m going to stay on doing chapter 01 traditionally like I did with 3 pages already

the reason the past pages has not been drawn that way is because i’ve yet to put my scanner up but working on it haha.
And drawing digitally has worked alot better after i updated my computer and now can run things more smoothly. I didn’t realise how much lag I had while drawing earlier, i’m amazed i managed to produce any comic pages on that old thing at all!

Current issues:
I notice alot of things while i am doing comics, like I do when I’ve been studying or working- there’s certain information that goes way above my head and I keep repeating the same mistakes-
Even if there’s just missing out tiny details, the angles of a perspective backgrounds are being off, or some sort of strange detail i didn’t notice i had wrong.
It might be my ADD kicking in, but i’m not completely sure, all I know it makes me super obsessed into perfectioning things that might not be worth it and instead of learning i just spend alot of energy obsessing over it.

Possible solutions:
Instead of putting too much details into backgrounds now I try to make them smarter- while I absolutely love doing detailed things i need to stop over-doing it because i cant seem to remember them correctly. A window can change form after 3 pages. This is probably a very normal issue though with most people.
As much as I try to design every room and place in comics before drawing them there’s always that tiny difference that ticks me off!

So far I’ve found out –:
I’m not big on industrial backgrounds and prefer to work on scenery featuring forests or other landscapes so obviously when the comics get out into the wild it will be in my right element and not onboard a space ship.
However, this is such a great way to learn how to draw things outside my comfortzone.
I feel like despite not always hitting the right expressions i had in mind or body language i wanted, that it is so much easier to draw people now than it used to be. I used to need reference pictures for about everything and now I rarely use it at all unless its purely for inspirational purposes.

Improvement goals up til next time: Better perspective on backgrounds industrial designs, tone down colors, easier layoutting and better flow in text-boxes/bubbles.

Developement still in progress: Design some more robots, Blazekks workshop and interior of certain places of Septiocon.



I‘ve ment to do this post for a while so here it is:

So we all got different things that inspires us.
Inspiration is such a powerful tool we use to create, and we all get it from something.
It could be a pretty picture, a quote, movie, even a person could be inspiring.
Today Ill start by writing a bit about things that inspires me.
In my case since I was a little kid my main inspiration for everything I created was music.


I am far from a musical genious.
I don’t play any instruments and nor do I have a super pretty singing voice, but music has some sort of affect on me that nothing else has.
Alot of people are affected this way, and for creating art is a very helpful tool to set the mood of something.
As far as I’m concerned music is possibly one of the most magnificent phenomenas in our world. Unlike art, music isnt setting a example of things. Art is visual and very direct in how it brings out its messages, though there is still certain art styles that makes you think and imagine the message yourself.
With music it can also be direct, but often the music can be visual.
Whenever I listen to music that inspires me, I get to a point where the music actually creates a very visual world and things that happens are often connected to the mood and settings the song has. For this I use all sorts of music, I love melodic electronica as well as classical pieces and old pop.
I always wanted to do a comic where music is one of the main influence of the story or art, and since Extinct was already a very strange concept based on a strange dream I decided to make it into a concept based on ideas I get as I move along.
I make playlists for everything I do, both for personal use and also for comics and arcs I am doing. If I am doing a romantic scene I put on a song which reflects what happens in the scene, or maybe which I can relate to what is going on.
My musical taste has not that much to do with it, when finding music for Extinct I just put together alot of different genres and songs which fit the settings, it was sort of a cool way to discover new music and not listen to the ‘song’ but the mood it can bring.
I discovered alot of indie music, as well as visually I use Electric Light Orchestra as a source for ideas because of the sleazy 80’s science fiction influenced albums and sound they got on alot of their songs.
Especially the album Time has a already storyline about a man being abducted by a strange creature which takes him into the future (2oth century!) where as all he wants to do is go back to his girlfriend. Very similiar with Laras situation just that she can’t really go back! As for the rest of the music they will all play a part through out the comic as Lara has a device with her which plays songs from our time period, which puts in some of our modern reality into the future reality of the comics settings!
As a unrelated note, music is also perfect when studying! I do better when I listen to movie soundtracks with no vocal than I do in silence.


Inspirational movies for me is often the animated ones. I got a certain love for drawing and art and despite loving real-life set movies as well there’s something that appeals more to me with cartoons.
Despite this I do love genres which plays on the fantasy/science fiction aspect, like the Alien series which is one of the most science fiction movies I can think about.
Some of my favorite animation movies comes from Studio Ghibli, which im sure alot of other people can agree with!
The movies is so perfectly obscure and visually breathtaking and the stories are always a bit odd, which is what makes them so perfect. The blend with reality and fantasy is so tastefully put together and the art is out of this world.
As much as I absolutely adore Howl’s moving castle as well as Spirited away, my absolute favorite movie of all the things they’ve created is a movie which was considered the start of Studio Ghibli: Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.
It was made in the early 80’s as a post apocolyptic science fiction and while it doesn’t have the modern animation and the sounds are cheesy 80’s anime effects, it has some of the most interesting material i’ve seen in any of their other movies.
I absolutely love everything about it, there is so many awesome looking creatures, the scenery is like taken out of a dream and its just plain awesome!
I think the settings is actually more interesting than the storyline itself! It also features awesome looking alien bugs and giants in the dessert. I will admit Extinct is super influenced by it, but I try my best not to let it take over!
Princess Monoke is a movie i’m yet to see, but visually it looks amazing too!


I will say that there is also some things from games that’s inspirational, especially in science fiction. Overwatch is new and I’ve not tried it but it has some pretty cool concept art, as well as I will say Borderlands has some influence on me.
And not to mention World of Warcraft.
I’m not a big gamer and I rather sit around watch people play than play myself.
Borderlands has a interesting setting and I love the art style which is sort of an animated mix which can at times look a bit like a comic!


I know a few who get inspirational dreams.
Not everyone is capeable of remembering their dreams, i consider myself lucky to have a pretty good memory of them (while everything else just vanish in the matter of seconds. Unfair.).
Whenever I have a strange dream I write down the idea, because you never know when you might need it! Especially is this a cool thing for art. Seeing how one of my comics was based on a dream it is possible to create things with it.
I recently had a dream about some strange spectral shadowlike creatures which was caught walking among some ancient ruins. The fun part was that whenever you walked into it you got transported into another time.
Things like this is very cool ideas to use for later when creating stories which is supposed to be a bit obscure. I also wrote a story of a girl who entered a castle which literally ate people by sucking them into vents and through doors. Maybe Rose Red inspired me for that, I don’t know. I’m yet to find a place to put that in a comic, though!
Of course not everything is a good idea. I remember being chased by a giant goat cheese with legs when I was around 8. Depends of what you’re writing about I guess!


A tip I got from watching a video once about concept art was to look through books. There is alot of great stuff you can find in books which is not put up on the internet!
This might fade a bit more into referance than inspiration, but one of his tips was to keep track of what’s a referance and what’s inspiration.
The library has so many interesting books you can use, if you’re creating a world for a comic, for art, or even writing,  you can use informative childrens books about things like the middle age or whatever you decide to have as a setting.
It shows in details what sort of weapons they used, what they wore, and the background details you can develope further into your story or use as a base.
I borrowed tons of books from the library when I started out doing a sci fi because I wanted to learn more about the universe, about space ships… Even weapons!
I also watched discovery channel while drawing as well as got alot of books on animals.
Its a highly underrated treasurechest. Going to markets where they sell old used books is also a great idea to create a exciting ref/inspo library!

As a last thing to add: Locations can inspire!
I work the best on the bus, ironically. Maybe because of the music i listen to!
What’s your main inspiration, and location? Do share!

A-Z tag thing

I was tagged by Mirakelbooks, my real life friend, she does alot of cool book reviews.
I recommend checking out her blog! 
A – Age: 27

B – Books you are reading: Right now, nothing. I read webcomics though.

C – Chore you hate: Cleaning floors

D – Dessert you love: Chocolate mousse, or else usually bran blueberry muffins/nonsweet pastries

E – Essential start to your day: Coffee!

F – Favorite author/book: I’ve not read so many books, I’ve read some John Green books and Jojo Moyes, and Cecilia Samartin’s ghost heart (which might be my favorite). Though of comic books my favorite artist is definately Craig Thompson because of his amazing details and storylines. Habibi is wonderful as well as his other book, Blankets.

G – Gold or silver: Depends on what I wear, usually pick silver since it matches everything but gold looks great with black!

H – Height: 165 😦

I – Instrument you play: I can’t play for shit but I used to sing

J – Job title: Right now i’m a student, i used to do hairdressing, i’m aiming to start a bachelor in teaching possibly or graphic design/illustration next year

K – Kids: Nope!

L – Living arrangements: I currently share flat with some friends.

M – Most overused word in your vocabulary: What the fuck (english) and sadly I say “Like” alot.
Like, every sentence, like, you know?!

N – Nicknames: Linn… Scrappy (just kidding would be fun though)

O – Overnight hospital stay other than birth: Not so many. Weird thing to ask!

P – Pet peeve: Ohhh boooooy basically everything. People not cleaning after themselves is the worst.

Q – Quote you like: Don’t have one.

R – Right or left handed: Righthanded

S – Siblings: A sister 3 years younger than me and two older siblings.

T – Time you woke up today: 07:00 am

U – Unique thing about you: I’m not sure, I think I might be very good at reading people.
I can predict things happen from time to time and my stubborness.

V – Vegetable you love: Carrots and sweetcorn! I like sweet veggies more than fruit and pastries.

W – Worst habit: Ill go for same as Rakel answered, procrastinating.

X – X-rays you’ve had: I strained my ancle a few times and arm. Very interesting fact indeed.

Y – Yummy food you make: Blueberry bran muffins!

Z – Zodiac sign: Aries

Now I dare you to do this tag! 

Minor changes to dialogue in Extinct

Since Extinct started a bit shaky, like all first pages of my comics (…) I put down some time to re-do parts of it, that means the speechbubbles.
I made them round and moved them around a bit.
Some dialogue has been changed to fit better, nothing major.
Blaze is the only one who might have a more sassy tone since it works with the rest of the pages of him. The first ones he was a bit too serious.
Ill do the other ones too when I get the time for it and update them all.
The updates will be put up when I’ve finished doing all the pages…..
Here’s a preview:

I’ve thought of re-drawing the first page with Celia and Lara in the tree, because i wasnt so happy with it. Maybe stretch it over two pages. Too much text at one place.
I keep learning as I go and want this comic to be less of a cluster than GMMW was.
The next pages I think will be more stable, I am sticking to rectangle-formats from now on.

Quest: Do traditional-hand drawn comicpage.

So I started doing a comic page for Extinct even if i’m not supposed to.
BUT for the first time ever I actually did a page where I did NOT do the lineart nor the scetch digitally.
I did however do some changes and retouch after the scan, but else than that its drawn by hand with a very dry pen and pencil (Ï’m getting new pens when i get money).
I’ve become so inspired by doing handdrawn things i might just continue doing it.
There’s some issues with my scanner being pretty bad as well but i got another one waiting!
One of the main reasons I don’t like doing traditional comic pages is because i’m horrible at smudging and i have a horrible habbit of picking too soft pencils.
I changed the pencil in the middle of the drawing from a B. Yes i’m that bad at pencils…


First: scetching.
Started using blue pencil to test out how it worked to remove them in photoshop. Didn’t work that well. Probably need to buy a special pen.























And I started inking, did already about 3 mistakes and had to use my white corrector pen which Is supposed to be used for highlighting.

Oh god. The pencil marks.
First scan.




Second scan:

Had to scan again because the pencil marks didnt go away. Managed to TEAR THE PAGE IN THE RIGHT CORNERRIGHT AFTER. I ereased the teared part.

Then coloring in glorious SAI.
I don’t like to use photoshop,




Then colors finished. YAY.
5/10 would do again.
Backgrounds are so much easier to do when you’re not doing it digital for some reason.


Only issue was panel 3 where the drawing sort of stops. NO ONE NOTICES.

Oh shit i just said it loud.

You recived items:

20 f’ing coffees and a GOAT.